Wedding Reception Etiquette Questions- For Guests

wedding reception etiquette questions

Wedding Reception Guest Etiquette Questions

The proper etiquette at wedding receptions can sometimes be tricky, depending on the venue, theme and the wishes of the wedding couple. A few wedding reception etiquette questions can help sort out the confusion of what is to be expected of the guests so they can relax and enjoy the event.

can I bring a guest to the weddingMy wedding invitation is addressed only to me. Can I bring a guest to the reception?

This is one of the most popular wedding reception etiquette questions of all time. If the invitation is only addressed to you, then do not bring a guest. Sometimes a wedding couple has a limited guest list and simply cannot add additional guests due to monetary restrictions or venue accommodations.

Should I bring my gift to the reception or have it sent?

In the “old days”, gifts were quite often brought to the reception, but this was a much simpler time. Today, bring only cards with checks or gift cards to the reception. Most couples will have a basket or container set up for placing your card. All other gifts should be sent or hand delivered to the couple or a member of the wedding party. Find out more about wedding gift etiquette HERE

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I don’t like who I am sitting with at the reception. Can I ask to be moved to a different table?

So much planning goes into the wedding and the reception that any last minute changes can affect the entire event. If you are that unable to sit at a table with someone, give your apologies to the bride and groom for leaving early, but don’t interrupt their special day. Best scenario, sit tall, smile and mingle later. After all, it is not your special day, it is theirs.

why no invitationI am friends with the bride and groom, but I did not receive a wedding invitation.  Is it alright to ask them why?

Chances are that the bride and groom have a reason for not inviting you. It could be as simple as cost per guest or lack of room for guests. This is not the time to take things personal as they plan their wedding. Avoid the awkwardness and move on rather than make them feel bad about their decision.

Would it be alright to make a toast and say a few words about the bride and groom at the reception?

can I toastUnless the bride and groom have asked you to do so, this is definitely a no. They have planned their wedding according to their wishes and any impromptu toasts may be unwelcome. However, do let them know your sentiments in person or in your wedding card.

Should I let the bride and groom know about my dietary restrictions or food allergies?

Yes, by all means let them know, and early on,  so they can pass on the information to their menu planner or caterer. This is a common request and should be no problem to accommodate.

The food at the wedding reception was terrible. Should I tell the bride and groom?

No, no and no! The bride and groom did their best to provide great food at their reception and it is not their fault. They most likely already know about the terrible food without you having to remind them.

reception questions

Wedding Reception Etiquette Questions are important and need answering.

First check to see if the bride and groom have a wedding website set up. This is usually noted on the wedding invitation. The answer to your question may be already addressed on their site.

If you have an important question about the reception that is not answered, ask a member of the bridal party or relative of the bride and groom what they might recommend.



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