How Do I Decide On A Wedding Gift?

wedding gift etiquette questions

The Top Wedding Gift Etiquette Questions

Weddings are one of those formal events where we all wonder if we are doing it right, and especially with gifts. This is where wedding gift etiquette questions and wedding etiquette questions giftsanswers can help solve the mystery behind wedding gifts.

Wedding gift etiquette questions change from year to year and decade to decade, so check out the new rules for wedding gifts right here.

1. Do I give a wedding gift even if I am not attending?

Proper etiquette tells us that if invited to a wedding, a gift is in order, attending or not.

Do send a gift, but remember there are some bending of the rules. If the newlyweds are close family or close friends, send a similar gift as though you were attending the wedding. If you are not close to the wedding couple or they are a relative or child of someone you know, send a small gift.

2. How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

Some sources say that a gift for a close friend or relative should be upwards of $100-$200, but that does not fit into everyone’s budget. This also does not take into account the economy or locale of the wedding.

So how much should you spend?

If you have a generous amount of money to spend, then do what feels right.

On a budget?  Stick to that budget and give what you can afford.

3. Should I buy a wedding gift or give cash?

There are many factors involved in the decision over cash vs. gift. Here are some ideas to ponder when deciding:

  • The age of the newlyweds
  • Their financial status
  • First or second marriage

If the newlyweds are young, chances are they can use some extra cash to spend on necessities. However, if they are young and financially stable, a gift would be more appropriate. Lean toward cash for a first marriage and a gift for second timers.

wedding gift etiquette questions

4. Is it proper to order a gift online and have it sent to the bride and groom?

Yes, with today’s etiquette it is quite proper to order a gift online and have it sent directly to the bride and/or groom.

It’s often preferred by the bride and groom and the guest especially if there is travel involved by both parties. It’s difficult to transport gifts for out of town and destination weddings.

Sending a gift ahead of time insures a safe delivery.

Here are several great options that can be ordered and shipped directly to the happy couple. 

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5. How should I address a wedding gift or check?

This is one of the top wedding gift etiquette questions that I have always pondered in the past, until I did a little research.

Follow these tips:

If the bride and groom will be receiving the gift before the wedding, use their first names.

If writing a check, use either the brides maiden name or the grooms name.

For after the wedding gifts or checks, Mr. and Mrs. is always appropriate for gifts and either the bride’s married name or the groom’s name.

Avoid using both names on a check in case they do not have a joint checking account.

6. What type of wedding gift should I give for a second marriage?

The best gifts for a second marriage are those that the couple can enjoy together according to their likes and hobbies.

Shy away from basic household items for the kitchen and table, since most likely, the couple will already have at least one of these items.

Find second marriage gift ideas HERE

wedding gift etiquette questions


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