Wedding Etiquette for Maid of Honor

maid of honor wedding etiquette

Duties and Wedding Etiquette for Maid of Honor

maid of honor wedding etiquetteIf you are chosen to be a maid/matron of honor, that is exactly right, it is an honor. When someone special asks you to stand beside them on their wedding day, you know you are special too. This is why the wedding etiquette for maid of honor is so important.

Picking a maid of honor is an important choice. A bride is looking for someone who is loyal, organized, compassionate and all of the qualities found in a best friend. Getting married is a big step and a bride needs someone by her side that she can rely upon.

The wedding etiquette for a maid of honor duties checklist is as varied as personalities and wedding venues. There may be traditional duties and other duties that the bride will request. Let’s stick with the traditional duties and also touch upon a few extras that could be included in wedding etiquette for maid of honor.

wedding etiquette maid of honor

1. Finding A Wedding Gown and Being There

Shopping for a wedding gown is a long and tedious process.

It may appear on the surface to be the most fun and exciting part of planning a wedding, but there are many emotions to go along with it. After all, a bride is looking for a style to fit her, the wedding style, a dress the groom and mother/mother-in-law will like and so on.

With this many people to please, she will need comfort and reassurance from her maid of honor that she will find the right wedding gown.

So be there and be her support system.

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2. Plan A Bachelorette Party with the Bridesmaids

Now it is time for the maid of honor to lead and delegate. Find out from the bride what type of activities or party she might like and get busy. Contact the bridesmaids and plan to discuss some different options for the party. Let the bride choose from those options and let the planning begin. Don’t try to do this all by yourself, but divide duties among the bridesmaids being careful to check back and make sure all duties are completed.

What type of bachelorette parties to consider? Here are a few ideas…

Spa Day, City Trip with Overnight Accommodations, Pub Hop, Lunch and Photo Shoot, Belly Dance Lessons or a Slumber Party complete with martinis and movies. Use your imagination and anything goes!

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3. Make The Bridal Shower A Family Affair- Share the fun!

maid of honor bridal showerIt is usually the maid of honor that hosts and plans the bridal shower. This tradition goes back in time to when there were little to none bachelorette parties. Since both types of parties are the norm today, this can be a bit overwhelming for the maid of honor to host and plan so many events.

As noted for the bachelorette party, ask for help from the bridesmaids and as for the bridal shower, make it a family affair.

Surely the brides relatives on both sides of the family will enjoy being involved and lessen the burden of one person.

4. Pamper The Bride and Make Her Feel Special

The most important wedding etiquette for maid of honor duty is to keep the bride happy, calm and not worried about anything. The bride will need you by her side every step of the way through planning, parties, the ceremony and reception. Always ask if you can help with anything and the bride will let you know. Offer to take care of duties that may overwhelm her. These could be small things such as making a phone call or larger things such as meeting with the florist.

Come wedding day, she will take comfort that you are by her side to help with her wedding gown, makeup and a shoulder to lean on. And something that is not often mentioned…a trip to the restroom in a wedding gown is a two person undertaking!

5. Extras To Consider On Your Wedding Etiquette For Maid of Honor Duties Checklist

  • Planning a toast at the wedding reception
  • Making arrangements for hair and make up before the wedding
  • A special surprise?
  • Helping the best man with car decor for the newly married couple


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