Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette

Understanding Proper Wedding Gift Etiquette

Choosing a wedding gift can sometimes be difficult unless you know the proper wedding gift etiquette. There are many factors to consider before even venturing to find a gift. Etiquette rules for wedding gifts are as old as weddings and almost as complicated. Doing some homework ahead of time will keep everyone cool, calm and happy.

What to consider before buying a wedding gift:

  • How much should I spend?

  • What should I buy?

  • Should I look at the couples wedding registry?

  • Do I send the gift or take it to the wedding?

How Much Should I Spend?

The average amount spent on a wedding gift in the US is around $150. This may sound a bit high, but it is just an average. monetary wedding gift etiquetteDepending what part of the country you live in, the amount may be higher or lower.

The best way to judge monetary wedding gift etiquette is to go by your own budget. If you have a certain amount that you always spend on a wedding gift, abide by that number.

Considering you have some “wiggle room”, decide how close you are to the bride and/or groom. You may want to spend a bit over your budget if they are a very close relative or friend.


What Should I Buy?

When thinking about proper wedding gifts etiquette for buying a gift, always lean toward what the couple may like rather than your own preference. I fyou don’t already know their likes, take the time to ask other friends and relatives about their favorite things.

Do they collect anything. like nature, have pets or enjoy cooking together? Is there a specific theme to their wedding, such as Harry Potter or Halloween? Once you sort through their likes, you will have a better idea for a gift.


Should I Take A Look At The Couples Wedding Registry?

Some folks are not fans of wedding registries because the process of buying a wedding gift may lack warmth and originality. Even if you prefer not to buy from the registry, it cannot hurt to look anyway to see the types of things the couple may need.

For instance, if the bride and groom have a yellow blanket on their registry, you already know they like the color yellow and it is probably part of their color scheme. So a throw quilt with the color yellow would be a good alternate wedding gift choice, since someone else may buy that yellow blanket off their registry.

Do I Send The Gift OR Take It To The Wedding?

In this day and age of destination weddings and ordering online, it is a common practice to order the gift and have it sent directly to the couple. Tradition has it that if the gift is sent prior to the wedding, the bride should receive it, but that rule is frequently bent. etiquette rules wedding gift

Choose what is most convenient for you and the bride and groom. If you choose to take the gift to the wedding, be aware of the venue, the safety of leaving the gift and how the bride and groom will transport it.

Follow proper wedding gift etiquette and the long run, all will work out fine.





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  1. I look in their registry then price shop for the item I want to give them near my budget. I have also requested to have several go in on one big item they want as most won’t spend that individually to get them those higher price items

  2. Very helpful information, I feel like many wedding guests have questions about proper etiquette, especially with gifts. I often buy from a registry, or I’ll give them money or something I KNOW they will love.

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