Best Man Wedding Etiquette

bet man wedding etiquette

Best Man Wedding Etiquette and Duties of the Best Man

As a future best man, it’s important to take time and brush up on best man wedding etiquette.

The duties of the best man are wide and varied, depending on the type of wedding and your relationship with the groom. Duties can entail many different aspects of wedding planning, plus organizing and ceremony duties.

A Best Man will be busy with quite a few tasks from the time he becomes part of the wedding party until after the wedding.

Best Man Wedding Etiquette Includes These Duties for the Best Man

Bachelor Party-  Some may call this the most important part of being a best man: to plan and host the bachelor party.

Just like planning a wedding, there are soooo many ways to celebrate a bachelor party. The very sound of the words “bachelor party” can conjure up quite a few movie scenes from the past, but remember they are only movies.

Bachelor parties are stag (only guys) parties to celebrate the last night of being single and hanging out with the guys. There are countless ways to throw a bachelor party, but let’s narrow it down to a few. If keeping it simple is a priority, dinner out at a favorite restaurant is an easy way to go. More simple ideas may include a sporting event, concert, pizza and video game night at home or a pub crawl. Want to make the bachelor party a very BIG DEAL? How about renting a beach house, skiing, charter fishing or a golf outing. Either way, there will be much fun had by all!

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The Toast- The best man is responsible for one of the most important parts of a wedding reception.

This particular best man duty can instill the most fear into the hearts of best men everywhere. Seriously though, it’s not that bad as long as the right preparations have been made. Luckily, no one wants to sit through a very long speech, so that’s a good thing. The recommended time for a toast is between 2-3 minutes, which is not long at all, but just right.

What you should say in a toast?

There is no right or wrong way to give a best man toast. There also no guidelines on what to say. Only this best man knows this bride and groom and how to share best wishes with them.

The toast should come from the heart with an nice anecdote or two about the bride and groom. The ending should wish the bride and groom much future happiness. Above all else, never use a scripted or pre-written toast.

Hold Onto Those Rings!

There are many different ways that the wedding rings can make their way to the ceremony.

The traditional way is for the best man to take responsibility for them and pass them to the bride and groom as dictated during the ceremony.

Whether or not a best man takes on this role will be the choice of the bride and groom, however if you are given this duty, Hold Onto Those Rings!!

Car Decor-help the newlyweds drive away in style.

The newlyweds surely must have a decorated car to start their new journey as a married couple. The best man can oversee this fun tradition with help from the bridesmaids and groomsman. Plan ahead and purchase the items needed so there are no worries at the last minute.

Looking for decorating ideas? Here are a few that are easy to order and have on hand.

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Assist Groom When Needed

The groom will be very busy during the process of planning the wedding with his bride. This is when best man wedding etiquette will come in handy and be very much appreciated by the groom.

What kind of assistance might the groom need? Anything that the groom may not have time to do such as run errands, make phone calls, relay messages to the groomsman or make appointments. Usually nothing too taxing, but a great help to the groom.

Keep A Schedule for the Groom and Groomsmen

There are quite a few things that need scheduling when planning a wedding and the best man is the one that can keep everything in order. The best man is also the liaison between the groom and groomsmen. Tuxedo or suit attire and fittings, bachelor party date and rehearsal times are a few items that a best man needs to organize and keep on schedule with the groomsmen.

The above list only suggests duties that may be given to the best man. The groom will make the ultimate decisions about Best Man Wedding Etiquette and The Duties of the Best Man.

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